Assume the Position

Some days it just feels like you are getting the wrong end of the stick! Usually it’s the days you ask yourself questions…like…

  • This company could be (even should be) HUGE, so why can’t we get it there?
  • Why are we trapped at this level of sales and revenue?
  • It seems so easy for the “big guys,” what do they do that we don’t or can’t?

Well the simple solution to all these questions is the same…

Assume the Position

Now before you take my meaning the wrong way, let me explain.

The “Position” I am talking about is your company’s Position to your marketplace.

You see most companies NEVER think about their Positioning. They basically Position by default. They create a product or service, bust their ass to sell it and let the market think what they will of it.

That is a huge mistake!

You will have a Position to your market no matter what. And it will define you…unless you define it.

After all, would you go to work letting your hair do ‘whatever’ after your shower and wearing ‘whatever’ was easiest to put on? No. You make conscious decisions about how the world will perceive you every day.

Are you giving the same level of consideration to your company that you do to your hair?

Now, before you jump up and say “Yes, we are very focused on branding,” save your breath.

Branding IS NOT Positioning!

More importantly, branding Is pointless without Positioning. And when you Position your company correctly, you don’t even need “branding.”

Positioning is MORE important than the current version of your logo.

Positioning is MORE important than how well your salespeople can sell.

Positioning is MORE important than how well you do lead generation.

Positioning is the perception your market has of your company, your products and your people.

Positioning is the feeling, the experience, the quality, the expectation, the tangible and the intangible.

The problem is that almost nobody knows how to DO Positioning.

To that end I created Persona Positioning™, so I could actually help my clients create their Position and control their market’s perceptions.

I don’t have time to go into the 10 Elements of Persona Positioning™ in this article, so I will give you the most important and over-arching idea from this process…

Assumption is 9/10ths of reality!

“Assuming the Position” means that you assume (take) the Position you want in the marketplace. In other words: Stake your claim!

You see an assumption will be made either way.

Either you will assume your Position and give that to your market. Or the market will make its own assumptions about you and give that to you.

One way you are in control. The other way you are being controlled.

Now before you go off and get started, here are 3 points to remember about assuming your Position:

  1. Make sure someone else does not already have that Position. If you try to be “the World’s best Expert on Showroom Layout for European Sports Car Dealerships” and someone else already is, then you are trying to USURP a Position. You may be able to do it, but it will be much harder, take much longer and be far less profitable. You want to be the “first” not the “next.”
  2. Create and step into a new way of thinking. This is a critical concept! Positioning isn’t just some nice fluff ideas or a new logo (that’s Branding). Positioning truly is consciously creating who you WANT to BE in your market and BEING that thing! This applies to individuals as well as entire companies, from the guys in the mailroom all the way up to the CEO.
  3. Cut off all other options. Once you decide on a Position, you must live it, breath it and BE it. There can be no back peddling. Even if some of your old clients don’t like the new you, who cares? This isn’t about pleasing other people’s opinions. It is about defining your company. If you can’t stand behind your Position, no else will.

Once you have established a true Position, and deploy the different elements of it, you will immediately see a shift in the paradigm of your company.

And like all great changes, it starts with one tiny step…

Assume the Position.