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Problems Beat Solutions in Lead Generation

Today I saw an “expert” throwing around that old adage about “People don’t buy features. They buy benefits.” Though that is a nice idea, I must politely disagree, because it will kill your lead generation efforts.  As I tell all my... read more

Lead Generation Versus The Information Age

You have a TON of information you can use in your lead generation. Yet, your “well informed” lead generation is probably costing you a TON of clients. In this video Erik Luhrs explains why information can kill lead generation and he gives you 3 simple... read more

They Call me Bruce…

Many people have been emailing and calling asking why I haven’t done a blog post in two months. First, let me apologize. I know that many of you have come to depend on my blogs for everything from a “daily motivational thought” to a “sales meeting starter” to “a... read more

Avoid the Fate of the Clueless Cross-Marketer

Have you ever had the brilliant idea of joining forces with someone else who serves your target market so can cross-market with them? Did you screw it up? Or are you hesitating because you’re not sure what to do? In this video Erik Luhrs a story about one of his... read more

Gandhi’s Guide to High End Sales

When we think of Mahatma Gandhi we think of a small man with a huge heart, and the will of a lion, who lead his nation to freedom. But he was also an incredible salesman! In this video Erik Luhrs will show you how one of Gandhi’s most famous quotes applies to rapport... read more

Why the Power of Influence can Backfire on You

Many sales trainers hype the value of being able to influence clients. Yet influence is a double-edge sword and, as many high end salespeople have come to learn, it can cut you before you know it. In this video Erik Luhrs will show you the common mistake salespeople... read more

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