Does Your Business Need to Make a Sex Tape?

You want a REAL lesson in business expansion, innovation, brand building, joint venturing and revenue generation?

Then go to the supermarket!

Once you get there walk over to the checkout newsstand, and you are guaranteed to see at least one member of the Kardashian-Jenner family on the front and/or back cover of at least one magazine. And most likely more than one.

Here is a family enterprise that is worth hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars to them and their sponsoring companies.

They have turned clothing, parenting, aviation, infidelity, marital woes, movies, sex changes, modeling, diet supplements, nude modeling, talk shows, lawsuits, exercise DVDs, makeup, selfie styles, nail polish, waist training, perfume, infighting, Skin care, reality TV shows, Plastic surgery, books, divorce, cupcakes, the Olympics, marriage, boutiques, parental mystery, music videos, botox, and so much more in a juggernaut!

And it all started with a sex tape!

In case you have forgotten, it was Kim Kardashian’s 2003 Sex Tape that brought her, and ultimately her family, the exposure that has created this empire.
So now you’re sitting there and saying “Well, that is just a fluke. It was all by accident.”

But it wasn’t.

You see, Kim (I believe) made her sex tape choice not out of youthful foolishness, but solid calculation. She had seen firsthand what had happened for her friend Paris Hilton after the leak of her sex tape, and Kim knew this was the fast track from obscurity to celebrity.

Now the question is “How can I make a ‘sex tape’ for my business? I’m not going to get naked and I am not going to ask my employees to get naked!”
Don’t worry, there is no nudity required.

Let’s look at the effect of a sex tape rather than the act.

  • A sex tape is shocking because it depicts something that we think is “wrong” to share with the public.
  • A sex tape shows us a new side of people. (Please no “ya, the backside” jokes).
  • A sex tape goes viral because it entertains people.
  • A sex tape automatically places its stars in a new paradigm.

Would you like to shock your market, show prospects a new side of your company, become viral and put your business into a new paradigm?

Then you need a (non-sex) “Sex Tape!”

So here are some questions to ask yourself (or your staff) and some ideas to play with:

1 – What is something that your company would never do?
EX: A cloud storage company burning it’s servers (old ones of course)

2 – What is a side of you (your staff / your company) that people have not seen before?
EX: The CEO of a F500 manufacturing company doing an a capella version of “I did it my way” for his kids.

3- How can you entertain instead of “educate” or “inform?”
EX: An outsourcing company showing how cheap the cost of milk is in the country where they have their call center and how happy the staff is with just a few dollars a day, contrasting with a lazy guy in USA doing nothing while a phone rings and complaining how he is under paid.

4 – What paradigm would you like your company to be in?
EX: Overlaying your face on pictures of Steve Jobs, Gandhi, Lady Gaga and George Washington…or even Kim Kardashian!

As always, this is just to get your brain working in a new way. Hopefully, it has.

So go answer these questions. Come up with your ideas, and make your “Sex Tape!”

Have fun!