“Features and Benefits” Will Always FAIL Unless You Add This

When you hear “Features and Benefits” you instantly know what it means. It’s been drilled into your head.

It’s Sales & Marketing 101: Name FEATURES and Sell BENEFITS.

It’s the standard. It’s the mantra. It’s the rule.

It’s incomplete!

It’s the first two legs of a three legged stool!

So what’s missing?” You ask.

Well, let’s take a look at this from the subconscious perspective of the prospect.

We’ll use Hair Restoration Services as our example:

The normal FEATURES of Hair Restoration would be things like “The XYZ laser process” or “Simple 2 Hour procedure” or “Painless Gel Application” etc.

The normal BENEFITS would be things like “A full head of your own hair” or “Get your confidence back” or “Feel younger” etc.

Now these Features and Benefits are all good and helpful things to tell prospects about Hair Restoration.

But they miss the one element that is vital to convert prospects into Real Leads and Qualified Buyers.

There is a third element - after Features and Benefits - that brings everything home to the Prospect’s mind. And without this element, your messages are meaningless blather just like your competitor's ads/messages about your product or service.

So it is NOT: Features -> Benefits

It is: Features -> Benefits -> CONTEXT

Context (noun): The interrelated conditions in which something exists or occurs

In other words, Context explains ‘What this means to me.’

So to build on our Hair Restoration example:

Feature: Fast XYZ Laser Process

Benefit: Have your own hair again

Context: Young women at the club will now talk to you because you are no longer older AND bald!

You see the prospect does not really feel something about his hair (or lack thereof). He feels what the lack of his hair causes for him in his life.

Most ads, marketing and lead generation messages don't work because they miss context!

Context is the missing piece that connects the two disconnected mindsets of Buyer and Seller!

So a simple trick to begin creating messages that will capture more attention and get more response is to flip the equation.

Instead of ‘Features -> Benefits -> Context’ use…

Context -> Benefits -> Features

You will automatically speak from the prospects subconscious problem and yearning, which will draw them to seek the simple benefits, which will make them look at the basic features which will make them move forward with you.

So go add the third element to your Features and Benefits, then flip the equation, get more Sales and have some fun!