I Will Eliminate ALL Your Business Problems in This Blog – Guaranteed!

It’s a question as old as time itself:

What is the problem?

And we go through life having School problems, Health problems, Love Problems, Family problems, Money problems, Learning Problems…and, of course, Business problems.

Here’s the thing – and when you REALLY get this “thing” your whole life will change.

There is no such thing as a “problem.”

“Problems,” as we call them, are in fact just circumstances. We then observe those circumstances, decide (subjectively) what those circumstances MEAN to us and then label them “problems.”

Now, you’re probably thinking “Well yes, sure, I know that. But you’re just playing semantics here.”

And though I readily admit that I am “playing semantics”

This is NOT a game!

Having been a student of the subconscious mind for over 2 decades I can share with you one important insight:

Words are powerful!

Don’t believe me? Try this.

“We can’t keep up with demand”


“Orders are going through the roof!”

Both statements refer to the SAME circumstance.

One is a problem. One is a celebration.

One closes down the mind. The other opens it up.

In running your business, do you want your mind closed down or opened up?

Now you’ll challenge me and say “Ah, but there must be problems, because there are solutions.”

Hate to burst your bubble on that one, but…

There are no such things as solutions!

There are only options with which you can affect and change circumstances.

So a “problem solver” is simply someone who exams circumstances and comes up with more options than the person who is in the circumstance can come up with themselves.

So why should you care?

Well the moment you label something a “problem” it means that you have created artificial limitations on the circumstance. At a subconscious levelyou are now limiting yourself to only seeing solutions that fit within that limited thinking.

This limited thinking adversely affects our emotions, creating fear, doubt and confusion.

The negative emotions then further limit our ability to think effectively.

Why would anyone want to handicap themselves like that, especially in business?

So let’s change the idea of a “problem.”

Here’s my vote: The belief that you are not experiencing the set of circumstances that you wish to experience.

And let’s change “solution” while we’re at it.

Here’s my vote: Options that present a process to take you from the circumstances you have to the circumstances you desire.

Once you talk about it like that all the bad feelings, doom and frustration disappear.

You are able to put the circumstances in their proper perspective and come up with more effective options.

So now you’re asking “But how can I do this regularly for myself?”

Well, as Einstein said: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

(Yes, I am ware that even Einstein used the “P” word)

That being the case, it is impossible for you to come up with options to change your circumstance.

You must either:

A) Become someone different


B) Bring someone else into offer more options

Obviously Option B is self-explanatory.

So how can you enact Option A?

If you can achieve a meta-state, allowing you to step out of yourself, your limited thinking and your feelings about your “reality,” then you can see your circumstances from a higher level and offer new options.

Is this a common practice? No.

Most people just default to complaining, blaming and asking for help.

But you do have the capacity to engage higher levels of consciousness. Everyone does.

So how do you do it?

Here’s one way to approach it:

  1. As soon as you feel uncomfortable about a circumstance – stop.
  2. Clarify what you are feeling and what circumstance is making you choose to feel that way.
  3. Go meta, which means clear your mind and release all emotions.
  4. Once you are “meta” let the circumstance float (lightly) in your mind.
  5. Look for the factors that created the circumstance. Look at the outcomesyou truly want. Let your “view” expand and play with it.
  6. Options will start to come to you naturally. Some may seem “ridiculous.” Others may seem possible but “not enough” or “too tough” etc. As they come and go you will find that they start to mix together in your mind. Don’t be surprised when one just “works.”
  7. Finally, select an option that feels best or is easiest and go with it.

If you want, find a small “problem” you have right now in any area of your life and apply this technique.

Once you are comfortable using it on small “problems” you can move on to bigger ones. And soon you’ll be able to come up with more and more options that keep your business moving onward and upward.

Have fun!