In Lead Generation Your Niche is for You, Not for Them

Lots of people will say “you have to know your niche” when it comes to lead generation. And it’s true. Without a firm understanding of who you’re going after, you can easily end up wasting time, money and gray-matter attracting folks you shouldn’t be talking to.

However, I see a lot of salespeople simply create a demographic breakdown of who they feel is “qualified” to buy their wares and then run with that. Sadly, they don’t understand the true power behind knowing their niche.

You see, your niche is not there to help your niche know you. It’s for you to know them – first!

In our company we go through a rigorous Q&A to help clients identify the niches they want and should be working with. We start with demographics, then move into Descriptive Dynamics and then finally move into Individual Experience Qualifiers.

Many of our clients say this process causes them to restructure their entire business model, because they realize they’ve been spinning their wheels up to then.

Although there a lot of great outcomes from our processes, there are three big ones that most folks, using only the demographics model, will miss.

REINFORCEMENT – Most folks will answer some basic niche questions, put them on paper and then forget them ten minutes later. Simply, when you’re out in the world, and hungry for sales, everyone looks like a prospect. This is why you can choose a niche and still end up chasing anything with a budget.

Instead, the point of a well formed niche is to reinforce who you desire to work with so that you avoid the distraction of all the “potential prospects” out there and focus solely on the “definite prospects.”

CREATION – When you do niche creation correctly you go beyond a list of qualifications and literally create a friend. You are designing someone you look forward to meeting and vice versa. You create them in your mind in minute detail before they appear in reality.

Once you know and feel the prospect you seek your Reticular Activating System will engage automatically. Basically, your subconscious mind, which is far more efficient and effective than the conscious mind, will take over and you will swiftly “see” more of the people you seek to engage.

COMMUNICATION – As soon as you know who you should really be dealing with you start communicating with them…in your head. You begin to think about all the different things you will discuss and all of the alignments in understanding you will create to help them benefit from what you sell. Conversely , you will also start to perceive more of their issues, so you can adapt what you do, what you offer and how you offer it to better serve them.

This is not about brainstorming ways to overcome objections. It is about preparing the experience you wish to create with the prospect once you’ve found them, so you can engage them like an old friend because, in a way, they already are.