Lead Generation Versus The Information Age

You have a TON of information you can use in your lead generation. Yet, your “well informed” lead generation is probably costing you a TON of clients. In this video Erik Luhrs explains why information can kill lead generation and he gives you 3 simple changes you can easily apply that will increase your lead generation effectiveness starting now.

About Erik Luhrs

I'm, lovingly, known as “The Bruce Lee of Sales." I'm the creator of The GURUS Selling System(TM) and the author of BE DO SALE. I'm the only expert in the world on Front-Loaded Lead Generation(TM), Persona-Positioning(TM) and Lead Generation Message Linguistics(TM)! I'm also a Master Practitioner of NLP, and certified in The Silva Method and Accelerated Learning. And I've been featured by Selling Power, Entrepreneur, Fox Business News, Sales Gravy, Focus.com, Sales Force, Chief Executive and BNET.
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