Stop Making Sales Calls

Do you have a problem with making sales calls? Great! In this video Erik Luhrs will tell you how to drive up your profits by never making another sales call.

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About Erik Luhrs

I'm, lovingly, known as “The Bruce Lee of Sales." I'm the creator of The GURUS Selling System(TM) and the author of BE DO SALE. I'm the only expert in the world on Front-Loaded Lead Generation(TM), Persona-Positioning(TM) and Lead Generation Message Linguistics(TM)! I'm also a Master Practitioner of NLP, and certified in The Silva Method and Accelerated Learning. And I've been featured by Selling Power, Entrepreneur, Fox Business News, Sales Gravy,, Sales Force, Chief Executive and BNET.
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7 Responses to Stop Making Sales Calls

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  2. GWobbs says:

    Ummmm? What you are preaching is still considered a sales call. We can always shine our shoes and put on a different colored suit. Approaching prospects from a different avenue or mindset always works as long as you don't try to "overlearn" from that particular person or company. The prospect will always have an idea that you are still there for the ultimate goal which is to make a sale. Showing interest in their products or company is always a good idea; but this whole show and video is basic sales 101 in my opinion. The gift of gab and good timing during your learning experience is the key to all great salespeople everywhere.

    • erikluhrs says:

      Dear G,

      A Sales Call is when you go into a meeting to A) find a need B) tie your solution to the need, whether or not it is a valid connection C) Make an offer and push them to buy.

      A Learning Call is when you go in to A) learn as much as you can about the person/company B) make a friend C) see if there is a need D) see if you have a solution for the need E) present the solution and allow them to choose.

      I see no problem in "overlearning" about a person/company. In fact that helps to create the rapport that opens many more doors in the future. The prospect only thinks you are there to sell them if you are only there to "sell them." If you are there to learn and then – and ONLY then – to see if you can help, they will sense that and be more open.

      You say "showing interest….is always a good idea" as if it were a tactic. And you say "gift of gab and good timing" as if they are important skills. Honestly, I get the feeling that you look at sales as a job or game. This makes me think that you are not really genuine in your approach to people or in looking to help them.

      This is why you and I disagree. I am genuine first and always. If I can help I will. If I can't, I won't.

      You are looking to close business first and always. If you can help, great. If you can't, then sell it anyway.

  3. Andy Radke says:

    With this viedo your cup shall runneth over!!

    Thanks for everything Erik, I appreciate it.

  4. John H. Peters says:


    Great learning video. Too many times companies spend time training sales people on product rather than “learning” about prospects.

    People buy from people!!!


  5. brian nelson says:

    wow………..great stuff eric……..someone out there thinks like me. we are constantly driven chasing orders and forget that the ultimate goal is to find customers. if you listen…hear a need…..satisfy that need….you will have a customer for life. that road, short term, may not translate into immediate dollars but long term there will be plenty of wind behind the sails. orders are easy to get………..customers are the life blood of any company.


  6. John Chepyha says:

    The outcome of any task is almost always influenced by the attitude with which it was begun.

    Some great information.

    Offers some insight into why researching your prospect before calling them, can create some barriers of understanding.