The Law of Accelerating Revenuability

“I want my business to grow.” This is the standard mantra of business owners and executives all over the world.

The trouble is that if your business is growing you're doing things wrong!

Since our childhood indoctrination into public education, which had to be standardized to work for every type and ability of learning, we have been trained to believe that things “grow” in a linear fashion.

This is why financial and economic professionals use charts and graphs to depict business performance. It forces the performance of the business into the linear and chronological way of looking at the world all of us have been trained to use.

This thinking worms its way into “planning” sessions in companies who are laying out monthly, quarterly, annual and multi-year “plans.”

And as research shows, over 70% of strategic plans fail.

So the big question is: Why do they fail?

The answer is because businesses, just like every other entity on this earth, aren’t“growing up” they are Expanding Out!

Things expand geometrically in the real word. They do not grow linearly.

Now you might say, “But trees grow up. So you’re wrong!”

I would say, “Trees have rings to show how far OUT they have expanded while their length has increased.“

We live in a 3 dimensional universe, and so do our businesses.

It is the forced, programmed, linear thinking that creates the planning, that stirsthe movement of expansion (versus growth), which then falls outside “planned parameters” that kills the plans.

When things aren’t going how we “planned” we think something is“wrong.”

A colleague of mine has a wonderful story that illustrates this perfectly.

An insurance company wanted to “grow” its sales. They brought in my colleague to help them.

They wanted to ‘test small, fail small’, so they gave her a small number of salespeople and a small amount of resources to play with.

Within several weeks she had increased the sales in the small division by 400%!

You would think the company would have thrown everything it had into this new sales system and given my colleague a medal!

Instead, they shut down the test division, reassigned all the staff and told her she was done.

Since they had been planning on failure or, at best, small growth they had no idea how to handle massive expansion. So they choked and close everything down.

The truth is that we talk about success, and then we kill it by thinking it has to come slowly, linearly and in a controlled manner. A manner controlled by us.

However, success has its own ideas.

So let me offer a new way of comprehending your business expansion. It’s called the Law of Accelerating Revenuability.

Yes, the word Revenuability is made up, but I’ll bet you know exactly what it means!

Just in case, Revenuability means the capacity to which, and the channelsthrough which, and the offerings by which, and the thinking with which a company can generate revenue.

So the Law of Accelerating Revenuability states that:

The revenue a company generates will increase exponentially in accordance with the size and number of channels it penetrates, the offerings it can bring to bear in each channel, the internal resistance it faces, the external resistance it faces, the operational resources it is given, and the speed at which those resources are replenished.

So a business wants to be like a virus. The faster it spreads, the faster it spreads.

But most folks treat their business like a wall. It has to be built brick by brick.

At this point the whole idea of “acceleration” and “revenuability” probably (hopefully) sounds pretty good to you.

Are you’re wondering how you can start “accelerating” your “revenuability?”

The truth is that I regularly come up with new ideas for my clients to accelerate revenuability so, from my perspective, ideas are infinite, but here are 3 concepts you can use to start:


The being-ness of the individuals within the company must be one of constant and never-ending expansion, basically a “more, more, more” attitude.

Example: Have you ever told all your employees to “be creative” and spend one month coming up with 5 ideas a day – no matter how “crazy” or "dumb" – that the company could potentially pursue? No. Then try it.

(BTW - This is what drives Google)

Since a company becomes like the people who run it and work in it, the company will become an expanding revenuability (funny how that word starts to seem normal after a while) machine.


Look at all the assets you are deploying right now…then take a closer look at the ones you’re not! Within your untapped Deployable Assets is where the paradigm shift hides.

Example: Ask all of your clients to explain what your company does TO YOU, so you can see your company through their eyes. Not “how did we help you?” but“Who are we to the world in your opinion?”

Then get ready for a wave of new ideas and marketing messages.


Everyone thinks they want “predictable revenue” so they can “forecast growth.”

But “predictable revenue” kills your ability to expand because it is based on creating “set it and forget it” systems to run the business, and the second you do that your hungry competitor, who isn’t “forgetting” anything starts eating into your market share.

Examples: Accept the challenge to constantly be evolving. Accept that tomorrow is not guaranteed. Accept that change is a constant. Get comfortable being uncertain. Remember that “necessity is the mother of invention,” and ‘predictably is the father of laziness.’

When you accept that "You must be the change you want to see in the world”THEN you can change your world, and not before.

So play with these ideas, explore how to accelerate your company’s revenuability, and have fun!