Erik Luhrs

After a decade in the NYC corporate world, literally working his way up from a temp in the mailroom to a Director with over 120 employees reporting to him, Erik Luhrs decided to leave the 9-5 (more like 7-7) grind.

But he didn't go far, because he turned right around and became a management consultant to F500 companies and NGOs. And though the travel and new people were exciting he did not feel fulfilled and decided to leave management consulting behind after a few years.

After trying his hand at several businesses, Erik eventually became a Business Coach. And in order to help his clients the best he could, he decided to study with the world's premier experts in Sales & Marketing.

Erik initially studied his mentors at the "conscious" level, which means he learned what they taught him about how they did what they did from what they knew about themselves. But Erik also understood that humans function 99% subconsciously, and he knew that his mentors had a number of thinks they did subconsciously, that they were not aware of, that helped them to succeed - and he wanted to learn that as well.

So Erik studied his mentors at the subconscious level as well!

By combining what he learned from his mentors at the conscious and subconscious levels, Erik created...

The GURUS Selling System

(GURUS - Genuine Self, Unique Sales Persona, Rapport Building, Unique Buying Position, Sales Ally) With The GURUS Selling System, Erik worked with salespeople and sales teams around the world, helping them get in touch with their genuine selves so they could create and close sales more rapidly then they had ever done before.

The "secret" of GURUS Selling was the salesperson first gained better control of their own subconscious processes and this, in turn, allowed them to better communicate with the subconscious processes of their clients.

Then Erik chronicled these learning in the book, BE DO SALE.

Of course, Erik was never one to rest. After reinventing how sales were done, Erik asked himself "what drives sales?" The answer is: Lead Generation.

As Erik studied Lead Generation he realized that 90% of the issues that hinder, slow down and derail sales cycles could be handled during the Lead Generation process. The trick, just as with sales situations was connecting with the subconscious mind of the prospect.

That is when Erik created...

Subconscious Lead Generation

Until Subconscious Lead Generation, virtually all lead gen and marketing messages were aimed at the conscious mind of the prospect, but since the conscious mind is only 1% of function it had no control and the messages had little affect on their audience.

That is why the average response rate to messages was somewhere between 0.5 to 3%.

Erik understood that not only did you have to tap the subconscious mind of the prospect, as some of his peers were doing with their messages, but you also needed to use that opportunity to short circuit the entire sales process or risk losing the prospect to competitors, other priorities or indifference.

Now, using Subconscious Lead Generation, clients were rapidly increasing their message engagement and response levels and, of course, increasing sales.

And again, Erik did not stop. His next question was obvious and simple: What drives Lead Generation?

The Answer is: Positioning.

In researching Positioning Erik quickly discovered one big problem; many people talked about Positioning, but virtually no one taught it or knew how to d it.

Positioning was something that people could recognize after the fact, but it wasn't something they could pre-plan. For most folks it just "happened."

So Erik created...

Persona Positioning

Persona Positioning consists of 10 specific Elements that can be controlled and created to effectively position any person, company, product or service to its market in such a way that it quickly becomes in demand because it is perceived as unique and desirable.

With Persona Positioning, Erik began helping clients leverage the innate, subconscious elements that drew prospects in and engaged them with a person, company or product. Now his clients were becoming undeniable presences in their markets simply by being who and what they were ad doing what they do.

And now the "trilogy" is complete!

When Persona-Positioning is properly used it drives up the engagement of Subconscious Lead Generation which in turn simplifies a GURUS Selling based sale!