We all have little time and short attention spans, so these Case Studies get right to the point! 


CLIENT TYPE: Commercial Solar Power company

ISSUE(S): Chasing clients was too time-consuming. Sales growth was slow and piecemeal.

SOLUTION(S): Applied leverage point tactics.

RESULT(S): A $12MM increase in pipeline potential in just under a month!


CLIENT TYPE: SaaS company

ISSUE(S): Having a booth at “the” industry tradeshow was a necessary evil every year. It rarely, if ever, produced viable leads.

SOLUTION(S): Repositioned booth design and language used.

RESULT(S): (as predicted by us) a 10% drop in overall foot traffic to the booth BUT a 50% INCREASE in viable prospects who stopped at the booth, resulting in far MORE pipeline deals afterwards!


CLIENT TYPE: Speaking and Training company

ISSUE(S): Selling a new program offering from stage was producing virtually no sales.  It was vital the new program take off or the company would suffer major financial issues.

SOLUTION(S): Linguistic redesign of presentation and close of presentation.

RESULT(S): A 20X increase in sales at the following live presentation!


CLIENT TYPE: Pricing Strategy Consulting company

ISSUE(S): Company’s entire marketing strategy was Spamming 100K people per week. They averaged 1 or 2 new leads per month.

SOLUTION(S): Subconscious lead generation message redesign, limited to 300 emails per week to targeted prospects.

RESULT(S): After 6 weeks they had to suspend the campaign because it was going to take a few MONTHS to get back to all the new leads they had lined up in that short time!


CLIENT TYPE: Pharmaceutical Communications company

ISSUE(S): Company had been stuck on a sales revenue plateau for over 5 years

SOLUTION(S): Applied linguistic patterns in specific conversation points with clients to trigger more ideas for work opportunities.

RESULT(S): A 50% INCREASE in sales in just 2 months!


CLIENT TYPE: Real Estate office

ISSUE(S): Following marketing advice from the company HQ was producing poor appointment levels.

SOLUTION(S): Changed several linguistic sequences in their marketing text and follow up.

RESULT(S): A 300%+ INCREASE in appointment levels almost immediately!


CLIENT TYPE: Executive Coaching company

ISSUE(S): Company had been in business for 2 years and was struggling to attain new clients and high value clients.

SOLUTION(S): Applied several repositioning and messaging tactics.

RESULT(S): A 75% INCREASE in new, high value business clients leads in less than 3 months!


CLIENT TYPE: Highly Specialized SaaS company

ISSUE(S): Company had very small viable target market (only 10K worldwide) and their inbound marketing was producing no leads.

SOLUTION(S): Applied Subconscious Lead Generation message design.

RESULT(S): An IMMEDIATE and LARGE INCREASE in email engagement and new leads contacting them!


CLIENT TYPE: Financial Planning Firm

ISSUE(S): Company used live events to drive new business but in this highly competitive market their attendance and conversion rates were dropping.

SOLUTION(S): Applied Subconscious Lead Generation concepts to their marketing materials and presentation design.

RESULT(S): Client almost TRIPLED their event conversion rate from 30% to 80%+ immediately!


CLIENT TYPE: Commercial Maintenance company

ISSUE(S): Company was in a highly competitive industry in a highly competitive area. Business was slow and unsteady.

SOLUTION(S): Applied Subconscious Lead Generation messaging.

RESULT(S): Client DOUBLED their levels of NEW and REPEAT business in less than a year!


CLIENT TYPE: Personal Development company

ISSUE(S): Website received very little traffic and no contacts or conversions.

SOLUTION(S): Applied Persona-Positioning on the website.

RESULT(S): A 50% INCREASE in NEW web traffic and a 25% INCREASE in return traffic in just one month!


CLIENT TYPE: Construction equipment Rental and Sales

ISSUE(S): Taking first steps into using autoresponders and needed to produce more rentals and sales from email

SOLUTION(S): Applied Subconscious Lead Generation processes to emails and sequencing

RESULT(S): In just one month: Increased email open rate by 30%+, increased training class enrollment rate by 12X, had to temporarily suspend emails to avoid being overwhelmed with prospect follow ups.