Here are some options for our Consulting services

All Consulting is customized to the client's needs

  • For Solopreneurs and SMB Clients


    Work with one of our Consultants to re-position your company in your market, create lead generation messages that will geometrically increase leads, and revamp how you create and close sales to short circuit your sales cycles. Please CONTACT US about this option.


    We offer our large group Mastermind and our small group Inner Circle coaching programs starting each quarter. Join with Erik Luhrs and your peers to re-imagine your business and how you do business in order to finally create the business lifestyle you have never been able to achieve on your own. Please CONTACT US about these options.

  • For Corporate Clients


    Spend one-day on-site with Erik Luhrs and your team to focus on whatever your company’s biggest need is right now; Positioning, Lead Generation, Marketing or Sales. If you’re ready for maximum immersion and radical results, this is for you. Please CONTACT US about this option.


    Sometimes what your sales, lead generation or marketing team needs is someone who ISN’T part of the team. Your team will work with Erik Luhrs on a regular basis to eradicate the poor performing way things used to be done, so they can create the leads and sales that will make your company the market leader in your industry. Please CONTACT US about this option.