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What does it really take to Increase Sales Volume and

Decrease Sales Cycle Length?


Michael Port

It’s a book with a funny name but the money it helps you make will keep you laughing all the way to the bank. You’ll learn straight-forward strategies and clear and concise action steps to book more business. But this is not re-hashed stuff. It’s original and thought provoking. Highly recommended.

Michael Port NY Times Bestselling Author of Book Yourself Solid
Dr. Tony Alessandra

There are a lot of sales books and systems out there. What makes ‘BE DO SALE’ different is how it breaks sales into a simple, effective and intuitive process. As a result, a lot of pressure is lifted off of you and the sales process by dealing with your customers in an honest manner and putting you in control of the situation. I highly recommend giving this book a read.

Dr. Tony Alessandra Author and Creator of The Platinum Rule
Gerhard Gschwandtner

I loved reading this book from cover to cover. The author draws on his extensive experience and filters out the most insightful thoughts – ready to be applied immediately on your next call. What I liked most is the message that all salespeople need to relearn over and over: trust yourself. BE DO SALE will lead you to a road less traveled where you’ll capture more opportunities and greater success.

Gerhard Gschwandtner CEO Selling Power, Editor Selling Power Magazine

There are many factors to, and many ways to apply, The GURUS Selling System. And in the new book, BE DO SALE, all aspects of using The GURUS Selling System are covered. Of course, the two burning questions on the mind of sales professionals today are “How do I create more sales?” and “How do I shorten the length of time to get a sale?”The answer to these two questions comes down to 3 factors: Fascination, Communication and Collaboration.

FASCINATION: Buyers are busy with their own concerns and they are assaulted by marketing and sales pitches hundreds of times a day.

They have become immune to them!

But because all the messages have become like white noise to them, they love it when something stands out and is truly different than the rest. It fascinates them, and people love to be fascinated.

When you fascinate someone, they will pursue YOU!

Of course, you must also be fascinated by them, their needs, their problems, their world. Mutual fascination creates mutual attraction!

That is the fastest way to fill your pipeline and keep it full!

COMMUNICATION: Then you move into the stage of meeting with this new prospective client. Fascination got you here, but it won’t keep you here.

So you must create a bond with the client that goes beyond their needs and worries, and your features and benefits. This is where deep and honest communication comes in. You must forget about making a sale and focus on truly helping the client understand their real problems and not just the “fires” they deal with day to day.

Communication without an agenda is the essence of friendship!

Since we’d all love to buy from a friend, the salesperson that really “gets me” will most likely “get my business.” This level of friendship eliminates the long sales cycle – caused by confusion and mistrust – because friends understand and trust each other.

COLLABORATION: Finally, you get to the decision-point in the sales process. The normal fear on both sides is “Will I be the winner or loser in this deal?” It’s fear of the “win/lose” sale.

But when you co-create – when you collaborate – and mutually design the solution, then you are both owners of the solution. More importantly, you are both responsible to the solution, and therefore you’re responsible to each other. You now depend upon each other.

You’re not just partners. You are allies!

A valuable and long lasting relationship, that is profitable and meaningful for both parties, has been forged.

Want to learn how to create these 3 factors with your clients and have fun doing it?

Then pick up BE DO SALE!

Buy the PDF now!Just $15
Buy the Book now!On Amazon