No Longer Do You Have to Accept Only Small Clients, Small Jobs or Small Sales Because That's “All You Can Get”

How to do Lead Generation so Your Small Company can Beat the Big Guys

$325.00 USD

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ATTENTION: For Every Small Business Owner and Solopreneur Who has Never Been Able to get the Same Caliber of Clients as the “Big Guys” in Their Industry (Even Though Your products and Services are Way Better):

“The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Oil”

“When Everybody Else Zigs, Zag!”

“In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is King!”

A decade ago I entered the world of “business advisory.” This is the blanket term for people who do some form of business coaching, consulting, advising, training, speaking, strategizing, etc.


Usually the people who are really successful in their own business advisory company come out of big, well-known firms like McKinnsey, Accenture or Bain.


Or they had impressive titles in the companies they came from like ‘Global VP of Sales,’ ‘Chief Strategy Officer’ or ‘Director of New Market Initiatives.’


So between their impressive titles and the network of contacts they bring with them into private practice, they quickly grow big, fat and happy.


I had nothing.


I came out of my own business as a Professional Organizer, so I had no cool title and no contacts.


(In case you’re wondering, Professional Organizing is helping people organize the stuff in their homes or offices)


When I went to market myself I was always met with resistance. People always asked about how big my company was or how many years experience I had or who were my biggest clients.


Basically, they believed I had no business helping them with their business.


So how the hell did I get here? How did I become “big” and build a big brand?


I turned to the one thing that never fails. I looked at my prospect’s subconscious mind.


I studied why they defaulted to hiring big companies and “known entities” instead of someone like me.


The reason was obvious: My prospects hired my bigger competitors because they PERCEIVED them to be experts.


They never asked the big guys for their number of employees, years of experience or their biggest clients.


The prospect’s perception of the “big guys” was REALITY.


So, all I did was to create the perception of myself as a “big guy.” And I didn’t need to spend much money at all.


You see, it wasn’t how much I spent, but what I said and how I said it. THAT is what made the difference.


Guess what. You can do it too!


And I’ll show you how.


This is for you if you have any of these issues…

    • You know you have ZERO name recognition and authority with your target market
    • Your marketing and promotional efforts are yielding crappy results and you keep on having to scrounge every month
    • You want – even need – bigger clients but keep chasing small clients
    • You have no idea why any “serious client” who could pay well would ever choose you
    • You hide behind the excuse that small clients and small jobs are “all you can get”
    • You actually believe the “corporations only do business with corporations” bullshit
    • You give yourself “reasons” why your solution will never appeal to larger clients
    • You think the “big guys” are unbeatable and will always own your market
    • You’ve scaled back your vision for your business because the “reality” is that you’ll always be “small”

    $325.00 USD

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    If you resonate with any of these issues, then this will be worth your $325 investment hundreds of times over!


    Because you don’t have the time or marketing budget to fight the big guys at their game, so you have to beat them with your game!


    The most profitable companies get the majority of their business from INBOUND leads. These prospects reach out because they PERCEIVE the company as a leader in the industry.


    How much of your sales are coming from inbound leads?


    Seriously! You NEED to get inbound leads contacting you so the sales process if fast and easy!


    Face it, going to networking groups, eating crappy breakfasts and telling a room full of people who already know what you do, once again, what you do is a fool’s game.


    Making tons of cold calls and telling yourself “Every NO gets me closer to YES” so you can stomach another dial (and another NO) won’t help you.


    And trying to figure out exactly what to say in 30 seconds to CONVINCE prospects (should you be lucky enough to ever speak to one) to buy from you is a dangerous waste of time you cannot afford!


    How to do Lead Generation so your Small Company Can Beat the Big Guys


    I’m very grateful! I get virtually all my business coming from inbound leads as a response to the way I positioned myself.


    I have lead gen pieces that I put out years ago that still get people calling me.


    Was it easy? No.


    Was it hard? Not really.


    It was just different. I had to do things differently. I had to go contrary to the status quo.


    Along the way I discovered how to “trick” prospects into paying attention to me, even though I wasn’t a “big guy.”


    You have the same option and all you have to do is do your lead gen a little different.


    You can do that, right?


    I’ve figured out how to avoid people’s “You’re a nobody” response so they pay attention to what is being said instead of who is saying it.


    And it’s easy as pie!


    Now you can get the authority, credibility, respect and SALES you deserve without having to be “bigger” or spend a lot of money.


    It’s only $325


    What You Get for Your $325


    In this quick and simple training, I’ll show you my “beat the big guys” tactics…

    • How to INSTANTLY eliminate any questions about the size of your company…(You probably think prospects care about company size, but they actually focus a lot more on another factor)
    • The simple way to “leapfrog” your big competitors by using their own material AGAINST them…so you automatically move into the “mentor” position and have more authority
    • How to come at your prospect’s problems from multiple angles…do this and you force prospects to pay attention ONLY to you
    • Where and how to get your messages out to your target audience…this allows you to leverage the same message in multiple ways for multiple paydays

    If you need more clients and bigger clients, and want them coming to you on a consistent basis, and you need to do start doing it right now…this is the best $325 you’ll ever spend.


    -Erik Luhrs, The Bruce Lee of Sales & Lead Generation


    P.S. If you start making even some small changes in how your market perceives you…if you get just one new client simply by doing things different – this will pay for itself 20X over. $325. Easy.


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