Finally a Simple Way to Have Your Clients Happily Giving You Referrals Everytime

So You Don't Have to Hide Your Request in a Thank You Card or Ask in Wimpy Ways That Let Clients Squirm Out of Giving You the Referrals You Want

The Real Way to Ask for – and Get – Referrals

$325.00 USD

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ATTENTION: For Every Professional Who Hates to Ask for Referrals but Who Really Wants Them (and Knows They Deserve Them):

91% of Customers say they’d be willing to give referrals. Only 11% of professionals ask for them.

A referred client is 4X more likely to buy from you!

In other lifetimes I have been a Personal Trainer, Home Improvement Contractor, Management Consultant, Professional Organizer, etc.

So I know that asking for and getting referrals, especially for professionals, can be a pain in the ass!

I used to be terrified to ask for referrals. Even when clients were standing there telling me how amazing I was all I could do was mutter “thank you” and get back to work.

But then I decided to become a student of the subconscious mind. And one of the things I dissected was what makes people give referrals.

It was actually very simple!

So I started applying what I learned for my own business and I taught it to my coaching clients and it always works like a charm.

You can do it too.

And I’ll show you how.

This is for you if you have any of these symptoms…

  • You need a consistent stream of steady new clients and don’t have time to do lots of lead gen
  • You find yourself hiding behind Thank You cards asking for referrals that never come
  • You ask for referrals in wimpy ways just to be able to tell yourself that you asked, even though you know it was done badly
  • You keep doing great work for clients and realize months after your done that you should have asked for a referral but you know “the moment” to ask is long gone
  • You actually come up with reasons in your head why clients WON’T give you a referral
  • You don’t believe in all the “referral crap” and think you have to get new clients on your own
  • You’re spending all your money on marketing with few or no new clients to show for it

If you resonate with any of these, then this will be worth your $325 investment hundreds of times over!

Because you don’t have time to be a Marketer, Lead Generator, Inside Salesperson, Outside Salesperson and Client Relationship Manager AND perform the work you actually get PAID for!

The most profitable professionals get at least 65% of their business from referrals. And referred clients are always the happiest and do the least complaining.

How much of your work is coming from referrals?

Face it. Referrals NEED to happen for you!

But stammering out “so, um, do you know anybody…?” is not going to get it done.

Hiding your request in Thank You cards or emails days, weeks or months after your work was finished is not going to get it done either.

And feeding yourself “valid reasons” why your clients won’t give you referrals sure as hell won’t put money in the bank.

The Real Way to Ask for – and Get – Referrals

I’ve been getting referrals on a regular basis for over a decade now. And I have folks that I haven’t done any work for in YEARS who still send me referrals.

It wasn’t always easy. I used to ask for referrals and get the “let me see if I can think of anyone” dance.

But along the way I’ve discovered how to talk to people’s brains so they start referring people in no time.

You have the same opportunity for referrals and all you have to do is say a few words a little different.

Can you do that?

I’ve distilled a system for bypassing people’s “no one comes to mind” defense so they don’t even feel hesitation when being asked for referrals.

Now you can do great work, make great money AND get new clients handed to you. You’re hardest job will be making time for them all.

I’ll tell you a story. I used to call this program the “$10,000 Referral System.”

The reason why is because when I first figured out how to ask for referrals the right way, I just did it. I never wrote it down or planned it out.

Then a client experienced me asking for referrals and he paid me $10K to formalize the process for him so he could do it himself.

And now it’s all yours.

And it’s not $10,000!

It’s only $325.

What You Get for Your $325

In this quick and simple training, I’ll reveal my referral-getting “magic tricks”…

  • The simple CONTEXT-SETTING piece that everyone forgets about…do this and you’ll never waste time hoping clients “know” or “remember” why your work is incredibly valuable
  • The EXACT words to use to FORCE your clients to give you referral names even if they didn’t really want to…(you probably THINK you’re already asking the right way but you’re not)
  • How to come at the referral request from MULTIPLE angles…why you should never run out of options
  • When and how I take clients by the hand so they give me the referral EXACTLY the way that is easiest for me…this SHORT CIRCUITS the whole sales process you’d usually have to go through with a referred prospect

If you need more clients, with less hassle, on a consistent basis, and you need to do it as quickly and cost effectively as possible…this is the best $325 you’ll ever spend.

-Erik luhrs

P.S. If you get just ONE improvement in how you ask for and get referrals…if you get one tactic that lands you a new client simply by asking a single question – this will pay for itself 10X over. $325. Cheap.

$325.00 USD

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