It's The Little Known And Incredibly Powerful System That Built The World's Most Valuable Company.

What Can It Do For Yours?

The Program Includes:

  • The full 90 minute Video Training Session
  • The original Q&A Session
  • 10 Mind Maps, one for each Element
  • 1 month of email coaching
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee*

Now you can actually consciously create your position in your marketplace.

This is the ultimate "unfair advantage!"

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$1,450.00 USD

MODULES 1 to 5: Tangible Elements

  • #1 Unique Moniker Position

    • Know what to say in the first 3 seconds that will immediately hook qualified prospects and eliminate disqualified ones!
    • Define your brand and let it do the work for you!
    • Become a BIG SHOT in one second!
  • #2 Unique Purpose Story

    • Be able to tell a story that prospects want to hear to endear them to you and your brand!
    • Powerfully distance yourself from would-be competitors!
    • Build a rapport point with prospects with no extra work!
  • #3 Unique Technology Position

    • Leverage the way you already do business – and use it to build instant trust and credibility!
    • Create security in your prospects that there is a technology at work and it is not just off the cuff!
    • You are now the “CREATOR OF…”!
  • #4 Unique Expertise Position

    • Eliminate any thought of comparing you to a competitor…even if there are others who already do it!
    • Become incomparable! The ultimate answer to “Why you?”!
    • Be the ONLY one who does what you do in the world!
  • #5 Unique Niche Position

    • Be the dominate player in your marketplace by creating and controlling your own marketplace!
    • Automatically create a pool of needy clients!
    • Drive up the value of your expertise

MODULES 6 to 10: Intangible Elements

  • #6 Unique Contrarian Position

    • Instantly get the respect of your prospects!
    • Achieve “Mentor” status easily!
    • Force prospects to undo their own status quo in favor of your new reality for them!
  • #7 Unique Problem Position

    • Eradicate the issue of people asking “How much do you charge?” right off the bat!
    • Make prospects see you as the only solution to their problem!
    • Basically hit “reset” on their buying agenda and put yourself in control!
  • #8 Unique Image Position

    • Create the customer’s experience!
    • Create the Feelings of trust or coolness or admiration to accelerate rapport with prospect!
    • Create a brand new you!
  • #9 Unique Worth Position

    • Rapidly drive up your prices and fees and have people happily pay them!
    • Make prospects focus on the most overlooked valuation system!
    • How to use comparison to your advantage!
  • #10 Unique Recognition Position

    • Get prospects calling to buy your solutions!
    • Get media outlets calling to give you free publicity by leveraging something you totally ignore right now!
    • Be widely known by your target market and peers as the best!
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$1,450.00 USD

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Our World Famous 30 - 60 Guarantee*

Simply use the program and use the 1 month of email coaching during the next 30 days. If after using the program and the email coaching for 30 days you are not satisfied, simply ask for a full refund before the 60 day mark.