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  • 1 Thirty Minute one-on-one Linkedin Review Session with Erik Luhrs
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Here's What You'll Learn and Master with this Workshop...

  • Craft a Profile headline that makes people choose you first
  • Select a picture that makes prospects see you as a “cool outsider” who is still “in the game” enough to be viable
  • Write a Summary that creates a subconscious alignment with the prospects immediate needs and wants
  • Select Specialties that appeal to the problems and desires of the niche markets you are after
  • Organize and write your Experience so it reinforces your new, elevated Linkedin Persona
  • Elicit recommendations that actually overcome a Prospect’s objections and make them want to contact you
  • Use the ‘Upping the Ante Method’ to post Status Updates that expand your capabilities in the mind of Prospects (so you don’t have to worry about educating them)
  • Choose the Apps that will effectively enhance your profile and position and avoid the ones that detract from it
  • Use the Skills & Expertise Endorsements to increase the amount of viable prospects that find you in a search
  • Turn the ‘Advice for Contacting You’ section into an immediate call to action for prospects
  • Identify the Linkedin Groups where your target market REALLY hangs out and participates so you can join them
  • Immediately leverage your Groups for exposure that is SPONSORED by the group owner for instant authority
  • Name and describe your own Linkedin Groups so your prospects WANT to join
  • Create subgroups to handle the “here’s what else I can do for you” problem
  • Get your target market to join your Group so you have a direct line to the personal email box
  • Use discussions to become a “thought leader” on par with the top 1% instantly – by using their thoughts!
  • Employ the ‘Reasoned Contrarian’ tactic in discussions to generate activity and drive you to the top of group influencers
  • Use language/links/etc to position your discussions to pre-frame the types of clients you want and the types of projects/sales you want
  • Build multiple credibility & context pillars in Linkedin
  • Create a Linkedin activity schedule based on ease of use and ROI
  • Apply the Yin Yang tactic to create discussion titles that capture attention and reads
  • Assign a signature on discussions that will increase profile views
  • Use the Leverage Point Person method to create 10X to 1,000X the exposure and credibility for you instantly
  • Craft direct connection requests that get accepted by your prospects
  • Apply the Expanding Universe Criteria for Connections process to Link with even more leverageable Connections
  • Craft connection requests through personal introductions that get accepted
  • Perform Linkedin Lead ‘Regeneration’ to expand your sales to existing clients
  • Understand and control the 3 types of lead generation “audiences” on Linkedin
  • Send mass messages that WILL get read and WON’T get spammed and shut down
  • Steal your competitions clients – ethically
  • Viralize your updates so prospects respond AND repost
  • Get Personal so you rapidly endear yourself, earn trust and overcome your prospect’s defenses
  • Use the Yin Yang tactic in updates & inmails
  • Use the Pulse feature to steal credibility from thought leaders of your target market so you can give it to yourself
  • Avoid the Friend zone created by ‘useful’ content
  • Use inmails to eliminate objections and competitors
  • Send the multiple message types – awareness, good will, pitch, follow up – while building desire and avoiding being “too much”
  • Write ‘About’ sections that intrigue prospects instead of boring them
  • Post updates that build desire for you, your company, your offering
  • Fully leverage Showcase pages and create descriptions that make prospects say “I want that now”
  • Use the Jobs section to identify prospects in immediate need of your solution
  • Use daily Job change, Birthday, anniversary, media mention alerts to leverage reconnections and sales
  • FOLLOW UP with your leads and turn the online connection into a real world sale!
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$1,150.00 USD

Making just a few changes that I learned from this Program I had a 50% increase in my Linkedin hit rate in just a couple weeks. My colleagues thought I was crazy to do what I did, but the results speak for themselves.

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