“I’m very happy we chose Erik Luhrs as our keynote speaker for the Marketing in the Oilfield Conference. Executives from the Oil and Gas industry can be a TOUGH crowd, but they didn’t slow Erik down. He had them up on their feet, literally! Erik had them listening, laughing, taking notes and really engaging. It was a big success! Thank you, Erik!”

Gwen Hood
Gwen Hood Gulf Publishing

It’s your choice. You can choose whomever you want for your next event. And when it’s over, how do you want your attendees to feel?

You can go for one of those speakers who has been around FOREVER and still rolls out the same old presentation they’ve been doing for decades because they haven’t actually been involved in any real-world sales or marketing efforts for decades!

OR You can do something different, something new, something bold! You can give your audience WHAT THEY REALLY WANT!

Your audience doesn’t want stale speeches and meaningless “insights.”

They want to have their perspective changed! They want to learn something new that they can use now! They want to walk out of the presentation feeling like they’ve been given a new SUPERPOWER that will immediately impact how they do what they do! They want to feel a shift in their universe!

THAT is what Erik Luhrs, “The Bruce Lee of Sales & Lead Generation” delivers!

As creator of The GURUS Selling System, Persona-Positioning and Subconscious Lead Generation and best-selling author of BE DO SALE, Erik is an international authority on Positioning, Lead Generation, and Sales for B2B companies.

By combining brutal honesty, humor, aha moments, life stories, passion and real world facts and figures, Erik takes the audience on a journey of professional as well as personal discovery with his presentations.

It doesn’t matter if your audience size is 50 or 50,000, newbies or old pros, Erik Luhrs will leave them excited and ready for more!

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Presentations can be designed to accommodate ANY requirements for your audience and event.

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