Why Your Prospects DON’T want to Save Time, Money or Energy and Hate When You Offer Them That!

Is a big selling feature or your product or service how it will save the client time and/or money and/or energy?

Do you believe in the “value” of these claims so much that you love using them as your “value proposition?”

Do you wonder why, since “everyone wants to save time, money and energy,” it’s such a pain in the ass to sell your solution?

The answer is simple.

People don’t want to “save” time, money or energy.

Now I know that this sounds unbelievable and just straight out “dumb,” and yet it is true.

After all, if people bought solutions based on saving time, money or energy than every company that offered these benefits to clients would be a multi-billion dollar business overnight.

At this point you’re wondering “Why don’t people want solutions that save time, money or energy?” It all comes down to the word “Save.”

Here are some definitions of the word SAVE:

  • to put aside as a store or reserve
  • to spend less
  • to avoid unnecessary waste or expense: economize

Now logically, these all sound like good things, right? Shouldn’t we want to ‘put aside money’ or ‘economize our time usage’ or ‘spend less energy?’

On the surface it seems like a good idea to “save.” But when it comes to the factors that drive people’s actions, the “surface” is meaningless.

People are driven by their subconscious NINETY-NINE PERCENT of the time! Logic and common sense are meaningless to the subconscious. The subconscious is a feeling-driven-machine.

So let’s look at “Save” from the Feeling perspective.

Concepts like “put aside” and “spend less” and “economize” create the same feeling: Restriction!

If I “put aside” money then I can’t spend it on my weekend trip to the mall, and that will make me feel bad.

If I “spend less” time doing my work then I won’t be able to do it leisurely, which will make me feel bad.

…You get the drift!

Basically, as far as the subconscious is concerned...

SAVE is a four letter word!

So if people shy away from the idea of having to “save” what will turn them on?


People always want to gain something. That is why gaining weight is so much easier than losing it.

But I am all about testing to see if ideas are valid. So I tested this concept with one of my clients.

The client was a “Cost Reduction” firm, so they were dead center of the “Save time, money and energy” nexus.

When they brought me in they had been in business for 7 years and were doing about $4.5MM a year. Not horrible for a 12 person firm. But since they had been stuck at $4.5MM for three years things were not going so great either.

Obviously their entire message centered around “savings” and “reduction” and “cutting;” all the words that make the subconscious, which always desires expansion, cringe.

They were offering a “Cost Reduction Analysis” in their marketing and lead generation pieces as a call to action. It was doing poorly: A response rate of only 0.85%. So they had to do a lot of messaging to make up for the lack of response.

I worked with them to tweak the messaging (less “saving” and more “gaining”) and changed the call to action.

We now offered a “Profit Recapture Analysis.”

After a simple A/B test the proof was pretty obvious.

“Profit Recapture” beat “Cost Reduction” by more than 5 times: a 4.4% response rate.

And we’d only spent 15 minutes editing the message! Imagine if we’d actually spent some real time working on it?

So, what does this mean for you?

If you are trying to sell on the idea of “saving” or “cutting” or “reducing” or any other words that mean ‘restricting’ then you want to look at redoing your language so that you give your prospect’s subconscious what it desires most: MORE!

Good luck and have fun!